“May these pages be covered with applesauce and breast milk, sand and slime, sweat and tears. May they push us into necessary discomfort. May they inspire small shifts in our patterns—or compel us to uproot our lives and change course.”

It is a complex time to be a parent. Our climate is in crisis, and economic inequality is deepening. Racialized violence is spreading, and school shootings are escalating. How do we, as parents, cultivate in our children a love of the earth, a cry for justice, and a commitment to nonviolence? Where do we place our bodies so we teach our kids that resistance is crucial and change is possible? What practices do we hold as a family to encourage them to work with their hands, honor their hearts, and nurture their spirits?

The Sandbox Revolution calls upon our collective wisdom to wrestle with the questions, navigate the challenges, offer concrete practices, and remind parents of the sacredness of the work. Written by parents who are also writers, pastors, teachers, organizers, artists, gardeners, and activists, this anthology offers a diversity of voices and experiences on topics that include education, money, anti-racism, resistance, spirituality, disability justice, and earth care.

Editor: Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

Contributors: Frida Berrigan, Leona Brown, Jennifer Castro, Laurel Dykstra, Janice Fialka, Kate Foran, Jennifer Harvey, Sarah and Nathan Holst, Michelle Martinez, Nick Peterson, Dee Dee Risher, Marcia and en Sawyer lee, Susan Taylor, Randy Woodley, and Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Makes a Family? Infertility, Masculinity, and the Fecundity of Grace

Chapter 2: Money: Nurturing a Family Culture of Generosity and Justice

Chapter 3: Education: Learning at the Speed of Trust

Chapter 4: Where to Live: Putting Down Roots and Being Known

Chapter 5: Spirituality: Entrusting Our Children to the Path

Chapter 6: Moving beyond Normativity: Family as a Haven for Authenticity, Self-Expression, and Equity

Chapter 7: Raising Antiracist White Kids: Some Rules Need to be Broken

Chapter 8: Resisting Patriarchy: Messy, Beautiful Interdependence

Chapter 9: Ableism: Opening Doors and Finding Transformation

Chapter 10: Honoring Earth: Healing from the Carceral Mind and Climate Crisis with Joyful Interconnectedness

Chapter 11: The Power of Story: Subversive Lessons from Grandmother Oak

Chapter 12: Building Community: Choosing Life in the Certainty of Death

Chapter 13: Risk and Resistance: The Cost and Gifts to Our Children

Chapter 14: How Do I Heal the Future? Reclaiming Traditional Ways for the Sake of Our Children

Chapter 15: Confessions of a Bad Movement Parent: Raising Children for Autonomy

The Sandbox Revolution is now available for pre-order.
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